You want to grow your business in 2017 ?
Your « 5 things… » killer Lead magnet is not ready yet ?
NOW is the time to take action !

You absolutely need Lead Magnets to offers valuable content to grow your list of leads and segment your database.

Lead Magnets are very powerful multi-purpose digital marketing tools.

Your Lead Magnet has more than 30 pages ? => Ask for a quote


Lead Magnets can be:

Reports providing useful information like tutorials, tables, board, charts and analytics.
Checklists with step by step processes that your audience has to follow to solve a problem or realize a task.
Ebooks that give your prospects valuable information and advices about their business or yours
• Step by step Processes your follower or your team can refer to when they need it, written in a non commercial style and giving impartial and insightful intel
Templates to spare time in your leads’ businesses or inspire them to develop their processes.
Workbooks for your students to complete during training sessions or for your clients to fill in during work meetings
• Etc.

We create a Lead Magnet beautifully designed to match your brand so you can build your lists and grow your business.


What you have to provide us with: see the form to fill in after checkout

What you get:

– 1 high definition pdf file ready to print and download
– 1 HD jpg + 1 HD png files of your catchy 2D cover design
– 3 HD jpg + 3 HD png files of your classy Lead Magnet mockups

Sent in a compressed file with WeTransfer.com

No more excuses ! 😉


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